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Areolar and Loose Connective Tissue

Areolar Tissue

  • A: Collagen Fibers are found in most supporting tissues and collagen is the most abundant protein in the body (Wheaters). They usually stain pink and are the thickest fiber.

    B: Fibroblasts are the cells that produce collagen and elastin that form the fibers found in connective tissue. They are small purple cells found inside the connective tissue
  • A: Collagen fibers

    B: Elastic fibers are very thin and stain black. They can be found in many places that accommodate volume change in the body such as the arteries.

    C: Fibroblast
  • A: Fibroblasts

    B: Collagen fibers

    C: Elastic fibers

Loose Connective Tissue

  • Loose connective tissue with collagen fibers packed loosely in the dermis
  • A: Ciliated simple columnar epithelium

    B: Loose connective tissue often called lamina propria