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Midterm Quiz

Answer Key

  • Lymphocyte 20-50% of WBCs
    Life span is months to years
    General immunity
    Life Span: 1-3 Months in tissue
  • Simple Columnar
    Look for the differential staining in Parietal and Chief cells
  • A: Surface ectoderm - epidermis
    B: Lateral plate mesoderm - somatic/ splanchnic
    C: Endoderm: liver, lungs, pancreas etc.
    D: Neural ectoderm - CNS
    E: Notochord: dissolves for the most part
    F: Dermamyotome - dermis and limb muslces
    G: Scleratome: vertebrae etc.
    H: Somatic: body wall muscles
    I: Splanchnic: muscle of GI
  • Fibrocartilage is DCCTIRA
    Look for irregular arrangement of fibers
    It also lacks perichondrium & chondroblast layers
  • Submandibular Gland it is CMTA
    C: demilumes (unique to this gland)
  • Pancreas Exocrine portion is CMA
  • A: Lymphatc nodule which has a germinal center with lymphoblasts and monoblasts
    B: Cortex of lymph node
    C: Medulla of lymph node
  • Appendix
    A: Goblet Cells
    B: Trash in the Lumen
    C: Striated simple column
    D: Lymph nodule - dense lymphatic tissue