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Previous Lab Members

Previous Graduate students:

Rebecca Sperry (PhD 2009), now faculty at SLCC.

Peter Langford (PhD 2011), now at DAVA Oncology.

Melissa McNeill (MS 2015), now in a PhD program at UC Irvine working with Xing Dai.

Adhari Al Za’abi (PhD 2016), now leading a clinical research program in the Department of Human Clinical Anatomy at Sultan Qaboos University.

Jeff Schuler (MS 2016).

Hillary Haws (MS 2016), now doing bench research at Tolero Pharmaceuticals.

Undergraduate Students Going on to Grad School:

James Moody. PhD at UW. Now faculty in Chemistry and Biochemistry at BYU.

Nick Bishop. MD/PhD at Colorado Health Sciences.

Steve Filios. PhD at UAB.

Jarom Chung. PhD at Harvard. Now a data scientist with Lucid.

S Greg Call. PhD at Baylor. Beginning a career as a medical science liaison.

Jason Burton. PhD at Baylor. Now pursuing an MD at UTRGV.

Adam Grant. PhD at University of Arizona.

Jacob Hoj. PhD at Duke.

Jace Webster, PhD at Washington University.