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Liver, Pancreas, and Auerbach's and Meissner's Plexus


  • A: Hepatic portal vein containing endothelium and very little smooth muscle

    B: Hepatic artery has visible smooth muscle layers

    C: Heptic bile duct is lined by simple cuboidal epithelium

    D: Hepatocytes

    E: Hepatic sinusoids
  • A: Von Kupffer cell is a macrophage located in the liver.

    B: Simple squamous epithelium that lines the hepatic sinusoids

    C: Binucleated hepatocytes


  • A: Pancreatic acini combine to make a compound multicellular alveolar exocrine gland which secretes digestive enzymes

    B: Connective tissue

    C: Islets of langerhan's are arranged in small circular islands that stain much lighter than the surrounding pancreatic acini.
  • A: Pancreatic acini

    B: Islets of Langerhans
  • A: Islet of Langerhans is the main endocrine portion of the pancreas. It has hormones that also regualte the exocrine, digestive portion of the pancreas

    B: Pancreatic acini


  • A: Submucosa

    B: Inner circular muscle layer

    C: Auerbach's plexus

    D: Outer Longitudinal muscle layer
  • A: Mucosa

    B: Submucosa

    C: Meissner's plexus

    D: Inner circular muscle layer