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Lymph Node

Lymph Node

  • A: Lymphatic nodules or follicles have a dark staining cortex and a light staining medulla where the actively dividing B-lymphocytes are located

    B: Cortex of the lymph node contains the lymph nodules

    C: Medulla of the lymph node contains the medullary cords;extensions of dense lymphatic tissue, and medullary sinuses which contains lymph, lymphocytes, macrophages, and granulocytes.
  • A: Lymph Nodule

    B: Germinal center is the light staining center portion of the lymph nodule. The actively dividing B cells are found here

    C: Mantle zone or just mantle is a dark staining ring around the germinal center where memory cells are usually located

    D: Collagenous capsule that surrounds the entire lymph node. DCCTRA
  • A: Germinal Center

    B: Mantle Zone

    C: Capsule
  • A: Medullary cords are branched extensions of dense lymphatic tissue so they stain darkly and contain B-lymphocytes

    B: Medullary sinuses contain lymph, lymphocytes, macrophages and granulocytes and they function to drain the lymph.