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Muscle and Cardio Practice Quiz

Answer Key

  • Histologically: Smooth Muscle RA

    Anatomically Tunica Media
  • A: Medium Artery
    C: Medium Vein
  • A: Perimysium; DCCTRA w/ LCT

    Endomysium; LCT w/ DCCTRA
  • A: Endometrium; Simple Columnar

    C: Smooth Muscle IR
  • Tounge

    B: Skeletal Muscle IR
  • A: Muscularis Externa

    Inner Circular and Outer Longitudinal
  • Heart
  • The lack of striations and bifurcated cells rules out the possibility of this being skeletal or cardiac muscle tissue
  • Ureter

    Transitional Epithelium

    Inner Longitudinal

    Outer Circular
  • Inner Oblique

    Middle Circular

    Outer Longitudinal