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    Retina 4X
    A: Retina has many different layers

    B: Choroid is a layer of loose supporting tissue with vasculature between the retina and the sclera

    C: Sclera is dense fibroelastic tissue

    D: Ocular muscles
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    Retina 20X
    A: Vitreous body

    B: Inner limiting membrane

    C: Optic nerve fiber layer

    D: Ganglionic cell layer

    E: Inner plexiform layer

    F: Inner Nuclear

    G: Outer Plexiform

    H: Outer Nuclear layer

    I: Rods and cones in the photoreceptor layer

    J: Pigmented epithelial cells

    K: Choroid

    L: Sclera
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    Retina 40X
    A: Inner limiting membrane

    B: Optic nerve fiber layer

    C: Ganglionic cell layer

    D: Inner plexiform layer

    E: Inner Nuclear

    F: Outer Plexiform

    G: Outer Nuclear layer

    H: Rods and cones in the photoreceptor layer

    I: Pigmented epithelial cells

    J: Choroid