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Nervous and Special Senses

Answer Key

  • Cerebellum
  • A: Perineurium DCCTRA
    B: Endoneurium LCT w/ DCCTRA around each fiber
  • Spinal Cord
    B: Grey Matter; nerve cell bodies are located here
  • A: Plexiform Layer
    B: Outer Granular
    C: Outer Pyramidal
    D: Inner Granular
    E: Inner Ganglionic
    F: Multiform Layer
  • Retina
    *Make sure you can label each layer of the retina
  • Cerebral Spinal Fluid
  • Auerbach's Plexus
    Small intestine
  • A: Unipolar Neuron, Taste bud
    B: Stratified squamous epitheium
  • Multipolar Neurons
  • Silver Stain