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Advanced Physiology (CELL 362)

Integrated approach to organ system and cellular physiology. Problem solving/calculations.
NOTE: Requires background in chemistry and molecular biology. Students without this background should take CELL 305.

Advanced Physiology Laboratory (CELL 363)

Experiments and exercises in advanced physiology emphasizing human physiology. Computer simulations of muscle function, endocrine disease, and human physiology. Emphasizes problem solving and calculations.

Cellular Electrophysiology and Biophysics (CELL 568)

Using electrophysiology and biophysics as an approach to study of physiology. Extensive look at ion channels and cell signaling.

Undergraduate Research in Cell Biology and Physiology (CELL 494R)

Basic (entry level) research laboratory experience for students interested in cell biology and physiology.

Advanced Undergraduate Research in Physiology and Developmental Biology (CELL 495R)

Senior level research laboratory experience for majors in cell biology and physiology.

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