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Epithelium Review

Answer Key

  • Appendix
    Pg 13
    A: Goblet Cells
    B: Trash in the Lumen
    C: Simple Columnar with striated border
  • B- Simple Squamous- Vestibular membrane
    D- No epithelium - Tecorial membrane
    F- Simple Squamous Basilar Membrane
  • Epididymis pg 14
    A: Stereociliated pseudostratified columnar
  • Kidney Cortex
    pg 8
    C: Visceral Layer of Bowman's Capsule
    - Simple Squamous w/ Podocytes
    D: Parietal Layer of Bowman's Capsule
    - Simple Squamous w/ Tight Junctions
  • Oviduct
    pg 14
  • Skin pg 11
    E: Tonofibils
    F: Dermal Papillae
    Keratinized Stratified Squamous
  • Small Intestine
    pg 13
  • Lungs pg 9

    A: Ciliated pseudostratified columnar
    B: Ciliated simple columnar
    C: Bronchiole
  • Ureter
    pg 15
    A: Transitional Epithelium
  • Vagina pg 14
    A: Stratified squamous