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Ureter and Urethra

  • A: Transitional epithelium functions to accommodate stretch in places like the bladder, urethra, and ureter. The epithelial cells have many different shapes. When the organ is full the cells are more squamous in shape. When the organ is empty the cells are more cuboidal in shape

    B: Muscularis layers are smooth muscle regularly arranged

    C: Adipose tissue
  • A: Transitional or Uroepithelium

    B: Muscle layers of the ureter
  • A: Transitional epithelium

    B: Smooth muscle
  • A: Transitional epithelium.

    B: Erectile tissue called the corpus spongiosum surrounds the outside of the urethra
  • A: Transitional epithelium

    B: Corpus spngiosum
  • A: Transitional Epithelium

    B: Corpus spongiosum