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Gastric and Brunner's Gland

Gastric Gland

  • A: Simple columnar epithelium

    B: Gastric gland
  • A: Chief cells secrete pepsinogen

    B: Parietal cells secrete hydrochloric acid

    These two cells combined with neck cells and gastric cells make up the gastric gland which is a simple branched multicellular exocrine gland
  • A: Chief cells stain purple

    B: Parietal cells stain pink
  • A: Parietal cells secrete hydrochloric acid and stain acidophilic

    B: Chief cells secrete pepsinogen and stain basophilic

Brunner's Gland

  • A: Mucosa

    B: Submucosa with Brunner's glands

    C: Muscularis externa is inner circular, outer longitudinal
  • A: Simple columnar with a striated border

    B: Brunner's glands secrete bicarbonate and is located

    C: Inner circular smooth muscle layer