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Pancreas and Enteroendocrine Cells


  • A: Enteroendocrine or argentaffin cells are found in between the columnar epithelial cells of the G.I tract.

    B: Small intestine villus
  • A: goblet cells secrete glycosaminoglycan and are unicellular exocrine glands.

    B: Enteroendocrine cells secrete seratonin, secretin, and cholecystokinin.

    C: Central lacteal runs the length of the intestinal villus and is lined with simple squamous epithelium.


  • A: Islets of Langerhans stain lighter than the exocrine portion of the pancreas

    B: Pancreatic acini stain dark and make up the bulk of the pancreas

    C: Trabeculae are invaginations of DCCTRA
  • A: Islet of langerhans

    B: Pancreatic acini
  • A: Islet of Langerhans is solely involved in endocrine function. 4 different cells secrete hormones.

    - α-cells secrete gulcagon which increases blood glusoe

    - β-cells secrete insulin which decreases blood glucose

    - delta-cells secrete somatostatin wich stops the endocrine function

    - PP cells secrete pancreatic polypeptides.

    B: Pancreatic acini