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Thyroid and Parathyroid


  • A: Capsule surrounding the parenchyma of the thyroid is DCCTRA

    B: Adipose tissue is commonly found surrounding the thryoid

    C: Thyroid glandular tissue
  • A: Colloid matter

    B: Follicular cells

    C: Portions of colloid has been taken in by the follicular cells to convert it into T3 and T4.

    D: Parafollicular cells


  • A: Hormone producing cells

    B: Adipose tissue

    C: Septum
  • A: Chief or prinicple cells are responsible for the "chief" function of the parathyroid which is maintaining blood calcium by secreting parathyroid hormone. The nucleus of these cells is large and do not stain dark.

    B: Oxyphil cells have a small dark staining nucleus with an acidophilic staining cytoplasm and they secrete oxydative enzymes