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Choroid Plexus

Choroid Plexus

  • A: Cerebellum is adjacent to the choroid plexusB: Choroid plexus contains the dark staining nuclei of the ependymal cells. These cells help to form the blood brain barrier. The epithelium of the choroid plexus is the sheets of ependymal cells which change shape as age increases.

    • Fetus: ciliated simple columnar
    • Middle aged: sparsely ciliated simple cuboidal
    • Geriatrics: simple squamous
  • A: Blood vessels are separated from the brain by the ependymal cells.

    B: Ependymal cells produce the cerebrospinal fluid which circulates through the central nervous system and can act as a shock absorber.
  • A: Ependymal cells

    B: Blood vessel