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Nerve Plexi and Spinal Cord

Nerve Plexus

  • A: Outer longitudinal smooth muscle layer

    B: Auerbach's nerve plexus is located between the outer longitudinal and inner circular muscle layers o the muscularis externa. It is responsible for peristalsis by innervating the muscle layers

    C: Inner circular

    D: Meissner's plexus has the same function as the Auerbach's, but it is located in the submucosa

    E: Mucosa
  • A: Outer longitudinal

    B: Auerbach's plexus

    C: Inner Circular
  • A: Mucosal layer of the GI tract

    B: Submucosa

    C: Meissner's plexus found in the submucosa

    D: Muscularis externa
  • A: Dorsal horns of the spinal cord contain nerve cell bodies and is considered gray matter

    B: Ventral horns are more broad in shape than the dorsal horns and are also gray matter

    C: Anterior median fissure

    D: Central canal

    E: Ependymal cells line the inside of the central canal and secrete cerebrospinal fluid

    F: Posterior median sulcus doesn't have space between as the fissure does