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Connective Tissue Practice Quiz

Answer Key

  • Unilocular Adipocytes
    The nuclei are small & located in the periphery of the cell
  • A: Fibroblast
    -secretes collagen reticulin and elastin
    B: Collagen Fibers
    C: Elastic Fibers
  • A: Haversian Canals

    B: Concentric Lamellae

    C: Interstitial Lamellae

    D: Osteocytes
    (notice elastic fibers between chondrocytes)
  • A: Simple Squamous

    B: Internal Elastic Lamina

    C: Tunica Media
  • A: Zone of reserve

    B&C: Zone of proliferation

    D: Zone of hypertrophy

    E: Zone of Calcification

    F: Zone of resorption
  • Fibrocartilage, DCCTIRA

    (note that the perichondrium and chondroblast layers are absent)
  • Liver
    Hepatic Capsule is DCCTRA
  • Hyaline Cartilage

    (note the presence of perichondrium, chondroblast layer, nest cells)
  • A: Ciliated simple columnar

    B: Loose Connective Tissue (LCT)
  • Spleen

    A: White Pulp

    B: Red Pulp

    C&D: Connective tissue of Splenic Capsule

    D: Invaginations of capsule called trabeculae
  • Tendons

  • A: Dental Pulp

    B: Ondontoblasts; Simple Columnar w/ dentin

    C: Predentin

    D: Dentin

    E: Enamel

    F: Ameloblasts; simple columnar w/ enamel

    G: Stratified Squamous