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Hepatic and Splenic Capsule

Hepatic Capsule

  • A: Hepatic lobule

    B: Fibrous bands of tissue that separates the lobules of the liver

    C: Hepatic capsule also known as Glisson's capsule is DCCTRA and surrounds the outside of the liver.
  • A: Glisson's capsule is distinguished from the underlying portion of the liver by amount of connective tissue separating the nuclei of the cells. DCCTRA

    B: Hepatocytes are the functional unit of the liver
  • A: Glisson's capsule

    B: Binucleated hepatocytes

    C: Von Kupffer cells are located in the sinusoids that exist between the hepatocytes and are phagocytes.

Splenic Capsule

  • A: White pulp is lymphatic tissue arranged in dense circles in the spleen

    B: Red pulp helps in erythrocyte maintenance

    C: Splenic capsule surrounds the spleen and is considered DCCTRA with elastic fibers

    D: Trabeculae are extensions of the capsule into the parenchyma
  • A: Splenic capsule

    B: Red pulp
  • A: Splenic capsule. DCCTRA with elastic fibers

    B: Red pulp